Buying the Ford ESP Premium Care package at a later time

The factory warranty on a car offers additional comfort and stress relief when buying a new vehicle, but most new owners will hold off on buying the extended plan until they are sure that they need it. This is not a problem, as these warranties can be purchased online at a later time, the question is how to know which company is offering the best option, and also understanding the differences in levels of coverage, such as what the Ford ESP Premium Care package has that is not included with the Powertrain Care.

Knowing whether to choose Ford ESP Premium Care or another package

Answering the first question, the right reseller of the Ford extended warranty will be one that is an authorized dealer of Ford products. Many aftermarket companies will try to offer similar plans, but these are normally much more expensive for the same elements, and do not offer the guarantees that Ford does. For example, those going with the aftermarket deal will likely find out that their plan is not honored at many garages. The Ford ESP Premium Care package, as well as the three other levels of care are all guaranteed to be honored at every Ford dealer in the US and Canada. Other companies cannot always cover wear and tear, nuts and bolts and related damages, but the Ford plan will. Then there is the question of which level to choose. This is going to be more specific to the needs of the driver, as the plans vary from covering 29 critical components, to covering in excess of 500. The price will vary, but will generally cost around the price of two repairs, making it a cost effective decision for anyone who has two or more issues with the vehicle during the warranty period.

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