Rental Cars Provided During Your Maintenance

More often than not, when a vehicle is taken in for repairs, the process is an arduous one. The auto body shop will either leave you without a vehicle at all or give you a loaner vehicle that is in worse shape than the one being repaired. For those whom a vehicle is a necessity, they will find themselves paying outrageous prices at a car rental facility. Once at the rental car facility they will likely be talked into purchasing additional insurance on the rented vehicle just in case an accident occurs. By the time your vehicle is repaired and out of the mechanic’s shop, the price of the total repair including your rental has skyrocketed. To save yourself a great deal of time and money, you should consider purchasing Ford ESP premium care. With the purchase of an extended warranty, not only will your vehicle be covered, but your rental car will also be supplied and covered for the number of days your vehicle is being repaired.

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