The Dangers You Face When Buying an Aftermarket Warranty

Think about a popular consumer product like a smart phone. There are plenty of apps, accessories and upgrades that third party companies will offer you to enhance your smart phone in some way. However, you run the risk that they could harm the functionality of your phone, too. This sort of risk is why you should be wary about opting for an aftermarket warranty for your Ford, rather than a Ford extended warranty.

The main reason a Ford owner would buy a warranty from a third party is because of price. It’s typically cheaper to buy an aftermarket warranty, as that’s the only way other companies can really compete with the official Ford warranty. However, it’s not just about how much you pay, but the value you get for the money you spend. If the company you choose is relatively small or unknown, you might just be throwing your money away. That’s because, in the event you have need of a repair for your Ford, the company might be bankrupt or gone without a trace. Compare that to Ford. You know that Ford Motor Company isn’t going anywhere.

The other significant danger is that you get shoddy parts or service. It’s unlikely that an aftermarket warranty will provide parts that match the quality of genuine Ford parts, nor will it guarantee the degree of service you can rely on from a Ford dealership. When you consider the reputation, stability and quality of Ford compared to any of these fly-by-night aftermarket warranty competitors, the choice for your Ford warranty is clear.

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