What You’re Missing without a Ford Extended Service Plan

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about all of those extended warranty plans that automakers and dealerships like to offer? If you’ve always chosen to go without a Ford extended warranty on new Ford vehicles, you might not realize just what you’re missing. To begin with, the Ford extended service plan has a great deal of flexibility built in. You might want a lot of coverage, or just the barebones amount, but there are enough plans to choose from that you get the right coverage for you.

Of course, what really matters with a Ford ESP is that it gives you value for the money. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from any of the Ford extended service plans:

  • Supported by official Ford Motor Company
  • Requires the installation of genuine, new Ford parts only
  • Honored at every Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealer in North America
  • Includes coverage for wear and tear

To put it in perspective, competing aftermarket warranties from third parties are nowhere near as financially stable as Ford Motor Company, so they’re a risky choice. You also don’t know whether you’re going to get true Ford parts, which are important for keeping up the value and functionality of your Ford vehicle. If you weren’t in the market for a warranty at all, what you miss without a Ford extended service plan is a reasonably priced safety net that can save you in the event of catastrophic damage to your vehicle’s systems, and can help you keep your vehicle maintained in a cost-effective manner.

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