How to Protect Your Investment with a Ford Extended Warranty

It might not seem like it because of the fact that it depreciates over time, but your new Ford, Lincoln or Mercury automobile is an investment. Not only does the car get you from one place to another and assist you in living your everyday life, but some of its value can also be used toward the purchase of your next vehicle. Because of these benefits, it’s important to do what you can to protect your investment. You can do this with a Ford extended warranty.

Here’s what to do to best preserve the value of your Ford vehicle. To begin with, look into getting one of the four different levels of Ford warranty coverage:

  • Powertrain Care
  • Base Care
  • Extra Care
  • Premium Care

You can choose from the Powertrain level, which covers only the most essential systems in your vehicle, on up to the Premium level for advanced systems and extras, such as the vehicle’s audio system.

Imagine ten or fifteen years in the future when you want to sell your vehicle, and figure out what you can do to keep your vehicle’s features maintained. One of the best things about the extended warranty from Ford is that it uses genuine Ford parts and trained Ford technicians, so you know that your vehicle will always have the highest quality parts. In the end, you’ll be best able to maintain your car’s value because of the Ford extended service plan.

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