Why Dealer Support Makes the Ford Extended Warranty Special

There are so many benefits to the Ford extended warranty that you could potentially be overlooking one of the biggest ones. Obviously, the most important benefit is that you can get a variety of repairs covered, and you’re only responsible for the deductible. However, what makes this benefit even better is the fact that you can find Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers all across the United States and Canada.

Why is this such a big deal? Think about having a health insurance plan where you’re only covered with a certain provider in a certain geographic area. It’s not flexible enough to accommodate your needs if you ever travel somewhere else. The same issue applies to using your Ford warranty. Imagine traveling across the country in your Ford vehicle, only to discover that there’s some engine trouble. You’re over a thousand miles away from home, but you need the repair where you are.

Because there are so many dealerships across North America, you’re never too far away from one if you have car trouble, or even if you just need something routine done like an oil change. Best of all, you get the same quality coverage at any of them, including full support by Ford. That means genuine Ford parts and service. There are plenty of handy benefits from your Ford warranty.

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