Some Hidden Benefits of a Ford ESP

Many people spend weeks or even months searching for the right vehicle. If you’ve bought a new Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle, the next step is to decide whether it’s worth it to you to purchase a Ford extended service plan (Ford ESP). There are many reasons to consider getting a Ford extended warranty:

  • It’s officially backed by Ford Motor Company
  • You can find dealers all over the US and Canada
  • It covers genuine Ford parts and service

What you might not know, however, is that you can enjoy a variety of other benefits that aren’t necessarily so obvious. Did you know that the Ford warranty offers up to 10 days of rental benefits when your vehicle is kept overnight for service repair? It also includes a 24-hour toll-free hotline for roadside assistance.

Perhaps the biggest hidden benefit, though, is that the whole policy is transferrable. If you purchase the Ford ESP for your vehicle and it’s still active when you decide to sell to someone else, the service plan can be transferred along with the title. This either means a better sales price for your vehicle, or just one more extra to entice a prospective buyer to choose your vehicle instead of someone else’s.

These benefits are on top of the primary one, which is that any covered repairs don’t require you to pay anything out of pocket. Once you cover the deductible, the rest is handled by your plan. With so many benefits—both hidden and obvious—it’s clear why the Ford extended warranty is worth a look.

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