Anderson & Koch. As a New Car Dealer, Anderson & Koch Ford is authorized by Ford Motor Company to sell Ford ESP


Is this a true Ford Protect Plan? The same plan my local Ford dealership would sell me?

 Yes, this is a Genuine Ford Protect Plan. We are a third generation family owned Ford Dealership, and only sell genuine Ford Protect Plans. These are the same plans you can purchase at your local Ford dealership, as long as they are selling a genuine Ford plan.


How can you sell the plans so cheap?

We sell so many Ford Protect plans nationwide, it allows us to drop the pricing down.


Is the warranty good at my local Ford dealership?

Yes, this is a genuine Ford Protect. It is accepted at ALL Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


What happens after I purchase the Ford Protect plan on your website?

You will get an instant email showing a summary of what was purchased and that your card was approved. I will register the plan in Fords computer system under the VIN. I will mail you a copy of the contract, brochure, and my business card. Please allow 10 business days for the contract to arrive in the mail.


Do you offer any financing options?

We do not offer financing. The financing Ford offers is through a third party (Budco Financial). They charge the dealers an acquisition fee we need to absorb in our profits. We are selling the Ford Protect plans so cheap, we do not have the room. We do accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You may pay them back however you choose.


Can I view a sample copy of the contract?

Sample Ford Protect contract


I traded my vehicle. How do I cancel my Ford Protect contract purchased from you at Anderson & Koch Ford?

You must go through the Ford dealership you purchased the Ford Protect from.

If you purchased it from us at Anderson & Koch Ford, please download this cancellation request to your computer, fill out, print and sign. Scan and email to me at with a copy of the legal odometer statement signed by you and the purchasing dealer.


How do I get a legal odometer statement?

Whenever there is a transfer of sale on a motor vehicle in the United States, a legal odometer statement must be signed by seller and purchaser. Every dealership will have you sign one. Each states form may be a touch different, but they all have one.